4 tier Wedding Cake


Best Couple 4 tier Wedding Cake at 20-Pound and make your wedding awesome

Product Description

4 tier Wedding Cake get this wedding cake this cake will customize min at 20-Pound you can choose any four flavor beacuse its 4 tier we can give you 4 different flavor choose flavor and order

Chocolate Fudge, Dairy Milk, Kitkat, Twix, Snickers, Bounty, Chocolate Salted Caramel, Toblerone, Nutella,
Ferrero Rochers, Vanilla Toffee Crunch,
Vanilla Caramel, Coffee Caramel Crunch, Blueberry, Pineapple Crunch, Oreo Cookies Vanilla/Chocolate,
Seasonal (Mango, Strawberry , Kiwi , Peach, Carrot, cherry),
, Red Velvet, Blue Velvet etc


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